Columbia River Fishing

Columbia Fishing in Oregon on the Columbia River
for Salmon, Sturgeon Steelhead and Shad. Join Columbia fishing expert Bill Gaither for Columbia River fishing guide trip in the popular Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Shad fishing rivers of the Northwest.

Columbia River fishing guides like NW Hawg Hunters catch Sturgeon just minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon. Sturgeon fishing guides catch oversize Sturgeon and limits of keeper Sturgeon using the most popular Sturgeon fishing techniques. These fishing guides know "how to catch Sturgeon" and also catch every other popular fish on the Columbia river, the Willamette River and the best fishing rivers in Oregon and Washington.

A typical day of fishing with Columbia river and Willamette river fishing guide Bill Gaither includes lots of action whether it's catching limits of Columbia River Salmon, Willamette River Sturgeon or any type of fishing in the Northwest because your Columbia River fishing guide knows how to fish and how to catch Sturgeon, Salmon and the fish that clients love to catch in remote regions of the Northwest or on the World famous Willamette River where it flows right through the middle of downtown Portland, Oregon.

Northwest Hawg Hunters
Fishing Guide Service

Columbia River fishing with Bill Gaither as your guide is an experience of a lifetime as he has spent his entire life fishing for Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Shad in the Northwest near the Portland, Oregon area on the Columbia River and the Willamette river and popular nearby rivers.

Call today and book a trip now with one of the best known and popular Oregon fishing guides you will find. Bill knows the waters of this area like the back of his hand and he'll switch fishing locations from day to day due to last second condition changes. Lots of fishing guides get stuck in a rut and fish in EXACTLY the same place every day year after year and let the conditions dictate their success rate. Northwest Hawghunters checks out river flows, water levels, weather patterns and predictions, water clarity, tide changes and several other factors on a daily basis to determine the best strategies to use to catch fish. What techniques Bill uses or what baits and rigs he uses, where he fishes, what depth of water he fishes in, what colors of lures he uses and several other things determine what he will use to catch fish the next day. Most guides use the same data and the same poles and baits day after day, no matter what the conditions. some days they catch fish and some days they sit idle wondering what's going on and saying things like "man, you should have been here yesterday!"


Thanks to Andrew Olsen for the video above (12' Sturgeon!).

Keeper Sturgeon are fun to catch.

Wayne Anderson (photo above) holds a nice Sturgeon



Thanks to Joe Corlew for the great Sturgeon Jumping video clip above.

A DOUBLE! Yes, it's a double (2 Sturgeon on at the same time)
and this happy couple is catching these huge Sturgeon
just minutes from downtown Portland.

Oregon Salmon fishing on the Willamette River near Portland. COLUMBIA RIVER FISHING VIDEO

Oregon fishing guides catch Salmon near Portland, Oregon.

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Sturgeon fishing limits for Sturgeon fishing guides in Oregon.

Fishing Guide Bill Gaither of NW Hawg Hunters is a proud sponsor of The Wounded Veterans Program. Photo above is of a recent Sturgeon fishing trip in which these veterans got a chance to fish for Sturgeon.

What techniques Bill uses or what baits and rigs he uses, where he fishes, what depth of water he fishes in, what colors of lures he uses and several other things determine what he will use to catch fish the next day.

 Bill calls his friends and competitors to see what has happened and what's going on at hot spots all around the area. Then he factors in everything else he can to determine what he'll use the next day and readies his boat and equipment accordingly. THE STEELHEAD, SALMON, STURGEON AND SHAD DON'T STAND A CHANCE!



Northwest Hawg Hunters Fishing Adventures is booking trips on the Upper & Lower Columbia River, including Buoy 10, Willamette River, Tillamook Bay, Nehalem Bay & Clackamas River for Salmon/Steelhead, Shad & Sturgeon.

We specialize in Oversize sturgeon, these fish range in size from 6 feet to ? and often break the surface of the water to make for an excellent photo. You’ll be fishing with Coast Guard licensed guide Bill Gaither in a 24’ Willie Raptor open sled. All the bait and gear is provided for the species of fish you are going after.

Sturgeon fishing guides catch Sturgeon in Oregon near Portland.

Call Bill today for the trip of a lifetime.



Fishing Guide Bill Gaither



thanks to - David Dryer Photography for the photo above.

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